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Fuel your wanderlust with unique insights, hidden gems, and exciting new perspectives on a variety of travel destinations. More than merely lectures, you'll be inspired, sparking your imagination and expanding your horizons.


Led by PhD and masters-level experts in art, history, archaeology, and more, our lectures are hosted by many of the very same experts who lead our walking tours, ensuring you receive the most in-depth and enriching information for your upcoming adventure.

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Context lectures are the perfect prerequisite to your upcoming travels, providing you with a fascinating foundation of knowledge and insight, so you can embark on your journey with a deeper appreciation, understanding, and excitement.

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Paris, France: Top 10 Highlights for Curious Travelers

Take a virtual journey through the heart of Paris with our featured lecture, "Paris, France: Top 10 Highlights for Curious Travelers". Whether you're planning a future trip, eager to delve into the secrets of the City of Lights, or simply curious about its iconic landmarks, this engaging lecture is your passport to the allure and charm of Paris.

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