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Provence private tours

Provence Tours and Experiences Hosted by Local Experts

Provence captivates with its post-impressionist art, rolling lavender fields, hilltop towns, and scenic, wine-producing countryside.
Provence epitomizes a picture-perfect France: delectable wines, lively markets, enviable countryside, and delicious food. Away from the buzz of Paris, Provence offers a more relaxed exploration of historical sites, from Roman aqueducts to medieval churches. Whether you’re drawn in by the food, the wine, the history, or the scenery, Provence promises to delight. With Context Travel, discover this French region on our Provence private tours. 

Provence Private Tours

Provence is an area rich in history and culture—perfect for in-depth exploration with local Provence private guides. Join an introductory tour in either Aix-en-Provence or Marseille to learn more about the historical foundations of both these enticing cities. Interested primarily in art and the life of Cezanne? Then book our Cezanne Art Tour as you learn more about the life and works of this influential figure. Our Provence private tours offer wonderful insight to this celebrated part of France.

What Context Provence Travelers Say
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The tour was fantastic. It was a joy learning about Aix from Pamela
Great tour of Aix
The tour was informative but not quite what our group expected. The title of the tour captured our attention and we hoped for an intriguing story of Marseille through its evolution of trade and its people. The tour was a bit heavy on architecture. Billy was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We would recommend the following: 1. Add architecture detail in your description or create a separate architecture tour. 2. Include more detail on contemporary trade and people. 3. Try to find shade for stops and stop while speaking so that all the group hears questions, answers, and formal content. 4. Incorporate a sit down break in an interesting spot relevant to the topic. 5. Allow the group to enter specific places so they can experience them, not just show the door and explain what is inside. If there are shops or places that represent the people of today’s Marseille, experience those. 6. If there are samples of trade items or products, such as Marseille tiles or soap, show them so they can be touched (using all our senses help us all remember better.) How did Marseille soap come about? Why? We found it with another guide in Aix-en-Provence. We appreciated the accommodations made for a member of our group. We were able to complete the entire tour despite avoiding the mule steps! Thank you to Billy!